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Increasingly, the conversation around digital citizenship has been shifting from a focus on "don'ts" to how students can positively brand themselves to stand out for future scholarships and job opportunities. However, both messages fail to address one of the most important aspects of citizenship: being in community with others. As citizens, we have a responsibility to give back to the community and to work toward social justice and equity.


In Digital Citizenship in Action, you'll find practical ways to take digital citizenship lessons to the next level, creating opportunities for students to engage in multiple levels of community and develop relationships based on mututal trust and understanding with others in these spaces.


This book includes:

  • Tips for creating a digital space where students can try something new, grow through mistakes and learn what it means to be a participatory digital citizens.
  • "Spotlight Stories" from teachers that demonstrate how the ideas of participatory digital citizenship play out in classrooms.
  • Featured activities to help you integrate these ideas with relative ease.

Digital Citizenship in Action: Engaging Students in Online Communities