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“Snap Up” These Books Before They “Disappear!”

If you are looking for a fresh book display, try this!

  1. Locate books with faces on the covers

  2. Make a copy this Google Slide Show for yourself

  3. Manipulate the images on each slide to fit your book covers

  4. Print the images

  5. Cut out the shapes

  6. Affix the SnapChat filters to the front of your books with clear tape.

  7. Share a picture of your display or even a single book in the comments section so we can all admire your work!

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Jan 07, 2023

Texas Rangers dip, duck, and dodge record basically toward drop towards Yankees - Lone Star Ball

The Texas Rangers scarcely scored a work despite the fact that the Contemporary York Yankees scored a few operates. Very well, that was style of hilariously anticlimactic. All people arrived out toward perspective if Aaron Choose would crank out background and crack the AL dwelling work heritage however within just the method, the Rangers had been stored hitless into the late innings in direction of probably preset up record of a further form. The good news is, Decide was saved at bay and Josh Jung a single-out one within just the 8th stored the Rangers the humiliation of their moment Yankees no-hitter at The…

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